Air Hose Reel: What Is It?

The Air hose reel is made to keep the air hose organized while being connected to the air compressor supply (1). 

A hose reel is designed to keep your hose organized, prevent it from being tangled and ensure safety because it keeps the hose away from the floor which can be a risk for fall and injury. A loose hose is a serious health hazard. It also prevents it from kinking which will eventually damage the hose.

How  to find the best air hose reel

There are certain aspects that you need to consider when looking for the best air hose reel. The lack of understanding for hose reel can lead to poor choice and not getting the value for your money. It will help you get the one that will fit your industrial or residential needs. 

Air hose reel comes in two types; The spring rewind and manual rewind hose reel. The spring rewind greatly improves work productivity because of its rolling ability due to the spring and flexible hose. It is commonly used in workshops because of its durability and lightweight. The manual reel is compact, lightweight, and usually used in bigger workshops.

  • Hose Materials: How Is It Made


    Among the best material, polyurethane is durable, does not kink easily, lightweight, and can withstand extreme wear and tear. The only downside of this is it comes at a higher price.


    Polyvinyl chloride is a cheap air hose reel option however it is not as flexible as polyurethane. This means it can easily get damaged or kinked. 


    This material is rather flexible compared to the others and is less prone to kinking. The disadvantage of a rubber hose is it is heavy.

    Hybrid Polymer

    The hybrid polymer is an affordable material that is not prone to kink and often a good option for general usage.

    Two Types of Mounting Brackets

    Four holes

    The four holes bracket can be used to mount on walls, ceiling, or floors. It is suitable for industrial use. Since it can reach up to 200 feet long, the four holes were designed to it installed securely on the desired area. 

    Two holes

    This type of bracket is best used for residential purposes. Its installation doesn’t require much because it is lightweight and the reel is slim.

  • What features to look for air compressor hose reel

    There are two main features that you should look for when looking for an air hose reel and these are:

    • Retractable Air Hose

    Many air hose reels have a retractable hose which means you can make it backtrack automatically.   

    • Auto Level

    Aside from rewinding, this feature allows the reel to roll in a uniform manner to prevent and tangle or jam.

    How to care for your air hose reel

    Keep it dry: This is particularly important in preparation for the winter season. Any water content when frozen can cause damage to the fittings.

    Avoid dirt on the hose: When retracting the hose, make sure there is no presence of dirt inside because it can seriously damage the reel. Use a cloth to wipe clean with rewinding the reel. 

    Maintain regularly: Check for the fittings and connectors. It is encouraged to use silicon lubricant for moving parts.

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