Pneumatech VT Carbon Towers – Air Filtration

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Pneumatech VT Carbon Towers – Air Filtration

The Pneumatech VT Carbon Towers stand as a paragon of air purification technology, primarily engineered to mitigate oil vapors and odors in compressed air systems to a nearly undetectable level—below 0.003 mg/m³. This stringent level of purification is paramount in industries where even the minutest presence of impurities can compromise quality and safety, such as in food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, and high-precision manufacturing operations.

At the core of these towers lies the superlative two-layer activated carbon material, meticulously chosen for its adsorptive qualities. The dual-layer configuration not only increases the effective surface area for adsorption but also enhances the system’s ability to capture a broader spectrum of molecular sizes and shapes, ensuring that a wider range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors are adsorbed.

The activated carbon in these layers boasts a remarkable level of microporosity, which, in concert with its extensive surface area, provides a labyrinth of pathways that trap and isolate hydrocarbons and other vapor-phase contaminants with high efficiency. The adsorption process is facilitated by the natural affinity of these carbon surfaces to attract and hold organic molecules, thus drastically reducing the oil content in the processed air.

Pneumatech has designed these carbon towers with a considerable safety margin, ensuring that the system’s performance remains uncompromised over a range of conditions and that it consistently delivers air purity that meets or exceeds the specified quality standards.

The performance of the Pneumatech VT Carbon Towers is not merely claimed but substantiated by certification from an external body, providing an independent validation of their capability to maintain the promised air purity standards.

The robust construction of the pneumatech VT Carbon Towers ’ vessels can endure the rigors of industrial environments. They are fabricated from materials selected for their resilience against high pressure and corrosive conditions, thereby promising longevity and reliable operation throughout their lifespan.

Regular maintenance is streamlined by design, allowing operators easy access to the activated carbon layers. This accessibility ensures that the replacement of the carbon media is a straightforward process, significantly reducing the potential for prolonged downtimes and operational disruptions, and thereby maintaining the productivity and efficiency of the entire air system.

In essence, the Pneumatech VT Carbon Towers are not just equipment but a safeguard, ensuring that the air which powers critical processes and production lines is of the highest purity, protecting the integrity of products and processes alike from the adverse effects of contamination.


 Guaranteed air purity with residual oil content
below 0,003 mg/m³
• Superb 2-layer activated carbon material
• Designed with sufficient safety margin
• Performance certified by external body
 Significant energy savings & limited system
operating costs
• Optimal internal flow path
• Average pressure drop of 125 mbar only
 Certified class 1 performance, according to
ISO 8573-1:2010
• If combined with Pneumatech oil
coalescing filters (G & C)
 Compact and reliable product design
• Wall-mounting kit, optional for VT1 – 7
• Easy to lift, install and service
 The VT is capable of removing hydrocarbons,
odors and oil vapors from compressed air


Pneumatech VT Carbon Towers – Air Filtration

The activated carbon layers will, by the use of adsorption, reduce the residual oil content  to less than 0,003 mg/m³.

Guaranteed air purity

– Residual oil content below 0,003 mg/m³
– Superb 2-layer activated carbon material
– Designed with sufficient safety margin
– Performance certified by external body

Pneumatech VT Carbon Towers are specialized air purification units designed to remove oil vapors and odors from compressed air streams, making the air suitable for a variety of sensitive applications, including food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, and high-precision manufacturing.

These carbon towers utilize activated carbon adsorbent material, known for its large surface area and high degree of microporosity. The structure of the activated carbon allows it to effectively trap and remove hydrocarbons, odorous gases, and oil vapors through the process of adsorption, where these contaminants adhere to the surface of the carbon granules.

Pneumatech VT Carbon Towers are engineered with attention to efficiency and durability. The tower design ensures optimal contact between the compressed air and the carbon, facilitating a thorough purification process. The vessels are typically constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand the pressures involved in industrial compressed air systems, ensuring a long service life and stability even in demanding environments.

Maintenance considerations for these towers include periodic replacement of the activated carbon, which is key to maintaining the effectiveness of the air purification process. The design of the Pneumatech VT Carbon Towers usually allows for easy access and change-out of the carbon media, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Overall, the Pneumatech VT Carbon Towers are an essential component in systems where the highest quality of air is required, and they represent a reliable solution for protecting sensitive processes and products from contamination.


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