Oil Free Air Compressors

For industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, and textiles, where oil contamination is a critical concern, the integrity of compressed air is paramount. At Adaptive Air Compressors, we understand that these processes require 100% oil-free air. Our oil-free compressors meet the rigorous standards of ISO 8573-1 (2010) certification, achieving Class Zero status—the highest level of air purity. This certification ensures that your critical operations are safeguarded against oil contaminants, offering complete peace of mind.

Our oil-free compressors are not only reliable but also designed for low maintenance and operating costs, making them a prudent investment for any business prioritizing both performance and cost-efficiency. Trust Adaptive Air Compressors to deliver uncompromised quality and continuous innovation in air technology solutions across NSW, Australia.

Oil Free Air Compressor - Spiral Air

CleanAIR Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

CleanAIR oil-free<br />
piston air compressor range

• Full range with different power (7–10 hp) and
pressure (4–10 bar) options.
• Base and tank mounted versions available.

Quality air

• ISO 8573-1 Class 0 pump produces TÜV-certified 100% clean air.
• High-efficiency filtration for safe operation.

Energy savings

• Direct drive technology offers major energy savings compared to belt-driven compressors.
• Start-stop technology eliminates waste during the unload cycle.
• One-bearing motor to reduce mechanical friction.


• Patented stainless steel inlet/outlet pump valves.
• Unbeatable low maintenance costs.

Available in

CNR 75 7.5h    or    CNR 100 10hp

SpiralAIR Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor

Spiral Air SPR Oil Free Air Compressor 2-8
General options (SPR 2-8)

• Tank-mounted solution
– 30 litre – 270 litre – 500 litre
• Phase sequence relay
• Graphic controller (standard included on SPR10-30)

Air quality options (SPR 2-8)

• Integrated refrigerant dryer
• Prefiltration kit
• Water Separator Drain (WSD) (not in combination with an integrated refrigerant dryer)
• Electronic drain on air receiver
– Standard for 30 litre
– Optional for 270 & 500 litre

Energy efficiency option
(available on graphic controller)

• ES6i integrated multiple compressor control for up to 6 compressors

WisAIRWater Injected Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

WIZ air Oil-free screw compressor
Premium performance

• Pressure rating up to 13 bar.
• Output from 47 to 296 cfm.
• Radial cooling fan (air-cooled versions only) and sound-absorbing cabinet for premium cooling and noise performance.

Premium quality

• ISO 8573-1 Class O* certified quality air.
• Integrated dryer guaranteeing PDP < 3°C.
• Corrosion proof materials: aluminium bronze rotor housing, stainless steel rotor shaft, piping and separator vessel.
• Smooth start up with inverter driven technology.
• Clean piping.

Premium efficiency

• Unique isotherm compression brings premium saving.
• Inverter driven technology provides up to 35% energy savings.
• Limited pressure band results in an overall reduced net pressure (1 bar extra pressure= 7% energy).
• 3.5″ graphic full color controller with web visualization and intelligent saver cycles.
• Friction free air end bearings.
• Direct driven power train to reduce energy losses.
• Built-in dryer to reduce downstream pressure drop.

Available from 20hp – 75hp

Other Oil free Air Compressors avaiable

High-Pressure Oil-Free Piston Air Compressor:

  • High-pressure piston oil free air compressors are designed to deliver clean, oil-free compressed air at elevated pressures.
  • They find extensive use in industries where contamination from oil is unacceptable, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and medical applications.
  • These compressors employ specialized piston rings, cylinders, and lubrication systems to prevent oil from entering the compressed air stream.
  • Available in various configurations to meet diverse pressure and flow requirements, they are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Centrifugal Oil-Free Compressors:

  • Centrifugal oil free air compressors operate on a different principle compared to piston compressors, using centrifugal force for compression.
  • Known for their high efficiency, they can deliver large volumes of oil-free compressed air at high pressures.
  • Widely used in applications where continuous, oil-free compressed air is essential, such as power generation, petrochemical, and industrial processes.
  • Renowned for their reliability, low maintenance needs, and ability to operate in demanding environments.

PET Bottle Blowing Oil-Free Compressors:

  • PET bottle blowing oil free air compressors are specialized units tailored for PET bottle production.
  • Vital in the manufacturing process, they provide clean, oil-free compressed air necessary for ensuring product quality and safety.
  • These compressors are optimized to deliver the precise air pressure and flow rate required for PET bottle blowing machines, ensuring consistent and reliable production.
  • Equipped with advanced filtration and cooling systems, they maintain compressed air quality while minimizing energy consumption and operational costs.

Each of these oil free air compressor options addresses specific industry requirements, providing clean, reliable compressed air without the risk of oil contamination. Selecting the right compressor involves considering factors such as required air quality, pressure, flow rate, energy efficiency, and maintenance needs to ensure optimal performance and reliability.